App of the Day of the Day

It’s getting harder to weed through all the new iPhone and Android apps and find something that works well, has an intuitive interface and surprises you with cool features.

Today I downloaded and played with Sherman-Williams ColorSnap. If you like interior decorating and working with color schemes you will love this app that’s available in an iPhone app and an Android app version!

You download the app and after the splash screen you are given a choice of snapping a photo of something you want to match colors with. This can be anything…a pillow in your living room, flowers in your garden. You take this photo you snapped and the app with extract the colors you select and match it to one of their paint colors. They also give you some additional features to create color palates that work with the color you selected.

I had so much fun playing with this app but the best part was the great design and intuitive flow of the app. Great job to the app designer/developer!