Data + Analysis + Measurement + Action = Better Marketing ROI & Sales Growth

68% of US Companies are Unable to Measure Marketing ROI

Since the first commercial computer LEO was pressed into use in 1951 to determine the number of cakes to be baked for the next day, timely data analysis continues to drive business decision making.

Big Data Sales Marketing

For sales and marketing teams the Holy Grail is to leverage data analysis to better connect with prospects and customers by understanding their behavior, trends, location and preferences. X2M provides advanced data analysis services and builds customized solutions that ensure our clients can make educated business and marketing decisions.

Because data typically exists in large quantities and multiple formats, X2M has developed a process that integrates and normalizes different data sources so that precise analysis can occur across synergistic data sets. This allows X2M to distill raw data into actionable insight reducing expenses and enabling revenue growth.

X2M provides customized data services that typically fall in the following categories.

  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing ROI
  • Tech Refresh
  • List Management
  • KPI Dashboards

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