Big data offers big opportunities, new insights and unprecedented value to your organization.

X2M provides flexible business analytics that allows customers to understand many aspects of their business in near real time. Our team will work to understand your business objectives and all available data sources to craft a solution proving actionable insight going forward. Information can be securely presented in varying levels of granularity, on multiple platforms encouraging stakeholder participation.


Standard data analysis includes but is not limited to:

  • Predictive trending analysis
  • Changes in deal registration behavior
  • Impact of programs on sales pipelines
  • Current product family trends
  • Geographic changes in sales over time
  • Installed base opportunity analysis
  • Customer purchase habits

The primary benefits of this program are to spot trends, mitigate risk and identify exposure and ultimately predict the impact of sales and marketing decisions.

Commonly answered questions include:

  • What are the baseline values of key metrics?
  • How are marketing programs impacting sales?
  • What are the traits of successful partnerships?
  • Which products are selling fastest and why?
  • What is an acceptable conversion rate?
  • What are the characteristics of top customers?
  • What are the best geographies to launch a new product?
  • Which programs drives partner success?

Typical data snapshots include:

  • Channel behavior by partner type
  • Impact of partner programs on deal registrations and sales
  • Top customer purchasing behavior
  • Product family sales trending by quarter and year
  • Deal registrations trending by product family
  • Pipeline segmentation and trends by product family
  • Revenue segmentation and trends by region and quarter
  • Deal registration trends by region by status
  • Pipeline across product family by region

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