List management and database development is a growing discipline driven by marketing into multiple list sources. Often times, customers will purchase multiple lists repetitively without the back-end processes to understand which customers are being targeted and the results of the campaigns.

X2M can manage prospect and customer lists and has developed a process to add intelligence surfacing the following information:

  • How many touch points has a prospect received
  • What type of marketing campaign was used to target prospect
  • Identification of active and inactive prospects
  • Merging and cleaning of multiple lists to prevent overlap

The X2M List Management service helps customers locate and engage prospects and customers who are most receptive to an offer at the right time.

The result is a bigger pipeline and a higher close rate on sales. The program includes:

  • List acquisition
  • Data hygiene and normalization
  • List management
  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • On-going list amendment and updating
  • Data nurturing and analysis
  • Importing/Exporting specific contacts in support of marketing programs
  • Online Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)