One of the most common requests of X2M data services is to determine if investments spent on marketing are providing incremental sales and an appropriate return on investment. X2M has developed automated, proprietary technology that allows the integration of multiple data sources to answer this specific question.

ROI_campaignThe marketing ROI program merges historic sales data, deal registration, marketing leads, campaign meta data, engineering demo data, and any other related data source and overlays this information in a timed fashion. We correlate a lead with a deal registration and an eventual sale and match this to the relevant sales channel or partner to determine the relationship between a marketing touch that resulted in an actual sale.

The insight derived from this analysis can answer the following questions:

  • What is the hard ROI for any specific marketing campaign?
  • How did specific marketing campaigns impact pipeline?
  • What is the most productive type of marketing activity?
  • How much does a touch point cost?
  • How often does a lead result in a deal registration?
  • What is a reasonable expectation for return on investment?
  • Which activity delivers the most cost effective lead and results in a sale?
  • Who is the most impactful marketing supplier?

m_roiThe Marketing ROI report provides a snapshot about individual marketing campaigns and supplier performance against a pre-determined business metrics and a historical perspective to guide future marketing investment.

Analysis can include:

  • Summary analysis of leads
  • Summary analysis of deal registrations
  • Campaign pipeline analysis
  • Lead and deal registration cost and return
  • Campaign Return On Investment
  • Campaign revenue analysis
  • Engineering demo revenue analysis
  • Cost per lead Performance by supplier
  • Partner level marketing ROI analysis