58% of smartphone users don’t go 1 hr without checking their phone

Surfacing critical information to your mobile users can lead to quicker sales, overall customer satisfaction and efficiency. 58% of smartphone users don’t last more than one hour without checking their phone.

The use of mobile devices has drastically changed how we access information and how we market to customers and prospects. The new normal is information on demand regardless of platform or

Surfacing your mobile site or landing your application on the home screen of a mobile user is the next frontier in advertising, sales and business efficiency.

X2M is pioneering mobile solutions backed by decades of experience in software development and information technology.

Mobile Websites

The statistics on mobile internet usage is astounding and continues to grow. The importance of surfacing your company’s website to a mobile user is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Tablet users spend 50% more on product purchases than PC users
  • 60% of mobile users will not revisit a website if it’s not optimized for mobility.

Mobile device users search the internet as often as they access mobile apps and the experience from a desktop verses a mobile device will differ based on platforms. Building a mobile site is not as simple as cramming your existing content and functions into a mobile template and redirecting your mobile users to your new site. It takes a real understanding of how content is created and consumed over the myriad of mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile video, mobile coupons, mobile advertising campaigns. If you’ve loaded the Pandora app on your mobile device and tied this service to your car audio system, you’ll understand the basics of mobile marketing. Pandora provides a free service, but every time you switch songs, a new advertisement will display itself. Look closely and you’ll see a video advertisement tied with a mobile advertisement. It’s often times annoying but also hard to ignore. Welcome to mobile marketing, the newest frontier in advertising and product promotion.

Mobile Data Capture & Analysis

uccs_mobileX2M has been in the data analysis, reporting and capture business for over 10 years. We manage, organize, analyze and track customer data often times matching lead generation with actual sales providing return on marketing investment results.

The mobile space provides instant access to customer activity, location and decision-making surfacing critical information that is utopia for business. The reason is that immediate decision can be made based upon granular, pin-point information that is completely unique to each individual consumer or business. Adding mobile data capture to the mix allows constant tracking of people via their mobile devices. Since most consumers carry a mobile device with them 24×7 and many sleep with the product by the side of the bed, the ability to understand constant behavior is available.

Provide valuable real-time data analysis on customer behavior and buying habitsExplore mobile data capture and analysis which can:

  • Increase sales and product penetration surfacing instant product information
  • Allow for immediate decision making
  • Build a competitive advantage

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