Search strategy, mobile access and social media are intimately tied together and becoming increasingly intertwined. Many companies are adapting to this new discipline that requires a holistic approach taking silo-ed marketing tactics and blending them into a connected interwoven approach to customers.

The biggest change with social media market is moving from a one-way communication mind-set to a two-way information flow that creates a dialogue with the prospect and listening to their input. Social media marketing demands authenticity, relevant and timely content and commitment to building communities.

X2M can help by properly scoping the strategy, creating documented goals and deploying a social program that builds an authentic relationship with the target customers.

Aspects of an X2M social media marketing program include:

  • Strategy and Success Criteria
  • Document the goals and objectives
  • Identify Internal Supporters / Detractors
  • Who are the primary competitors and what are they doing?
  • Determine which channels best support business goals
  • Develop Quarterly and/or Yearly Calendar
  • Audience Identification
  • Competitive Review
  • Platform Identification / Social Media Channels
  • Content Development, Research and Management
  • Plan Development and Management
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Measurement

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