Upgrading and refreshing installed-base technology is a cost-effective way to increase sales. X2M provides technology refresh services which integrate historic product sales at the SKU level with new technology solutions. This program provides companies with an efficient way to identify the specific details of older technology that needs replacing with an upgrade path to the new offering.

The primary benefits of Tech Refresh include:

  • Increased sales by targeting existing accounts
  • An easy path for customers to implement new technologies
  • Cost savings for the end-user by reducing maintenance service, floor space and cooling expense
  • Identification of the best customers to invest in a tech refresh program
  • Opportunity to reward customers with orphaned upgrade opportunities
  • Defense of installed base
  • Identification of dormant accounts and opportunity to reengage

X2M combines all available data sources in an automated fashion surfacing relevant customer and product sets that can be utilized by sales teams to sell new technology.

Standard program components include:

  • Identification of aging technology through historic sales data
  • Opportunity identification of product families by end customer
  • End User level identification of specific opportunities
  • Identification of dormant and orphaned accounts
  • Formation of a tech analysis report in an easy to use format